What should be our backlinks in Link building strategies?

For SEO, whether professional or are just starting, the backlinks, are one of the pillars when trying to succeed positioning your website. It is for this reason that you should pay close attention to the time to get them and integrate them into your link building strategy.

Link building strategy

And is that behind the backlinks a set of rules and guidelines to follow series if we want to be penalized in the long run by the famous Google Penguin hide. So, get ready, and notes how they should be the backlinks of the future and how can you get them without problems.

How should the backlinks in our strategy Link building

Then we are going to give all the necessary so that you have a structure of links as robust as possible and is immune to all types of penalties.

The first thing to consider is that Google, especially in the last year, want a blog or a website in general, whether they are thematic, leave traces in cyberspace. For this reason it is giving much value to the concept of brand (branding).

Link building strategy backlinks

For that very reason, by the fact that the brand, which is nothing but that, after all, the name of the company or blog, we must ensure that 80% of the links are to get a word Anchor (anchor text) in which reference is made to our brand. That is, if our website is called misitio.com, anchors words should be something like http://misitio.com, http://www.misitio.com, misitio.com or www.misitio.com.

From there, with the remaining 20% ​​of our backlinks, let’s make two partitions. On the one hand 10% of bonds in which we can make use of any exact keyword. A keyword, however, we should try to vary as much as possible. If, for example, we want to position “Zone Diet” anchor should use words like “Zone Diet”, “The Zone Diet”, “Secrets of the zone diet”, “diets area “, etc. Thus, Google will not recognize any pattern and see everything very naturally.

Finally, the other 10% of links must be reserved for generic keywords like “here”, “click here”, “more” or “more information”, and images. And it is that the images, believe it or not are becoming a very important resource in the SEO.

Add further that all these links are to be found on websites whose theme is the same as ours. There is no point, for example, have a web site on a page pet detectives very strongly that this has.

How to get good backlinks using perversion

However, once we know how to be our links, our backlinks, it is time to know how to get them. To do this, let’s talk about pure and perversion. Specifically fear and money.

Let’s start with fear. Yes. As a corporate seo company  we are and as knowledgeable about how painful can be the tentacles of Google, we need to use some tools to for example, detect broken links of a website or if you are infected or not. Once we have identified what we can get in touch with them by letting them know that they are about to be penalized by the machinery of Google and that you, in exchange for assumption of a link, you have the solution to all their evil. Believe me when I tell you that many of them put you the link will access without offering much resistance.

On the other hand, you can also make use of the base metal to reach an agreement with the manager of the website and to convey a certain amount in exchange for a link. The price of the backlink Try by all means to put you and be generous. Be aware that it is useless save two euros if we fail that link we all need to enhance our website and take it to the next level.

Getting links to your blog

Having said this, we highly recommend you to get backlinks also regularly. That is, Google may notice strange behavior if a month ten indexed links to your site and none the next month. Try to distribute them so that every month you achieve approximately the same number of links. And that is the fundamental key is to get a pattern as natural as possible to avoid different search engines detect strange and bizarre behavior that will do nothing to make our websites to be penalized without any hesitation.

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